An Archaeological Cruise from Bodrum to Ephesus


Yacht charter vacations can be nearly anyplace in the entire world your budget allows. Bodrum yacht charters are renown both for weather, fishing and splendor. The two of these places provide a bounty or leisure routines. Deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins and turtles just to mention a number of.

The crystal blue waters are teaming with marine existence, reefs, and ruins. The scuba diving is incredible. The searching in the modest towns is a cut price hunter's paradise.It might be a aspiration of yours to gulet cruise the stunning azure waters in some unique location aboard your own non-public. Like me and absolutely everyone else you are not receiving any more youthful it is higher time you produced that dream appear true.


Day 1 Bodrum City Tour (Half Day), Gumusluk

You will start your tour by discovering Bodrum with your guide while your gulet is waiting for you in Gümüşlük.

Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus is one of the best historical and important city of Mediterranean. Our archaeological adventure starts with exploring to Bodrum's most important parts.


Day 2 Iasos Ancient City

After breakfast, goolets cruising to the Iasos. Ancient Iasos a Carian city that was once an island and prospered from its excellent harbour, rich fishing grounds and red-tinted marble quarried in the nearby hills. Today, the walled acropolis-fortress stands high above the fishing harbour. Across the isthmus linking the village with Iasos are the excellent remains of a bouleuterion, with four stairs dividing the seat rows, a huge agora, the scant remains of a theatre and, to the south, a Roman stoa from the 2nd century AD dedicated to Artemis Astias. Dinner and overnight stay will be in the harbour of Iasos.

Day 3 Euromos (The Temple of Zeus), Labranda Ancient Ruins

After a healthy breakfast on board, we will leave the yacht for a visit to The Templa of Zeus in Euromos. The most important, and also the best-preserved building in Euromos is the Temple of Zeus. It is believed that already in the 5th century BC, a temple dedicated to Zeus stood at the foot of the hill. Its erection could be a symbol of the Hellenization process of these areas of Asia Minor, and the replacement of local, mostly female Anatolian deities, with the gods of the pantheon.

In front of the temple, on the eastern side, the remains of an altar have been discovered. The inscription on it states that the sanctuary was dedicated to Zeus Lepsynos. The meaning of 'Lepsynos' nickname remains a mystery, but scholars believe that it is a word derived from the Carian language.

On the western slope of the hill, there are the remains of a small theater. Only five rows of seats have been preserved. The theater can be seen to the west of the temple.

Within the city agora, that was once surrounded on all sides by colonnaded porticoes, only several fragments of columns are visible.


Day 4 Altinkum, Temple of Apollo (Didyma), Dilek Peninsula

Next stop of your blue voyage is Altinkum. Early morning we will set sail (depending on the wind condition) to Altinkum. Altinkum (Golden Sands in Turkish) has some lovely beaches between the land and the amazing blue waters of the Aegean. The facilities at the three beaches of Altinkum include excellent water sports and even pedaloes for those not wanting to move too quickly. There are plenty of bars and restaurants very nearby with fish an excellent choice on any menu. The waters are warm throughout the many weeks of the season and the skies usually cloudless. Our driver will pick up us from Iasos to visit Temple of Apollo. 

Day 5 Kusadasi, House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus Ancient City

One of the top spots of Turkey boat holidays is Kusadasi. Kusadasi is a major port facing due west into the Aegean Sea. It is 90 kms south of Izmir and has become a major cruise ship port of call, due among other things to the proximity of such historical treasures as Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis, the House of the Virgin Mary and the Basilica of St. John in nearby Selcuk. From Kusadasi we drive to Selçuk for visiting Virgin Mary House and Ephesus.


Day 6 Priene, Miletus, Didim

Our driver will pick you up from Kusadasi to visit Priene and Miletus. Meanwhile Our yacht will be crusing during the day from Kusadasi to Didim to meet with us after our visit to Priene and Miletus

The ancient city of Priene is famous for its dramatic setting on flat table land overlooking the broad expanse of the Meander River flood plain with the steep rock of Mount Mykale at its back. It's worth visting today for its situation, its well-preservedtheater and bouleuterion (council chamber), and the remains of its grand Temple of Athena, a work of Pythius of Halicarnassus, the architect of the famed Mausoleum. Founded by the legendary Aegyptus, Priene prospered around 550 BC, but was captured by Cyrus of Persia in 545 BC. It was a center for activities of the Ionian League around 300 BC. It later became a Roman city, then Byzantine, and was still active when captured by the Turks in the late 1200s.


Day 7 Yalikavak, Catalada

One of the must-see places while you are on a yacht charter is Yalikavak. Yalikavak on the North West of the Peninsula used to be famous for its sponges and the divers skilled in finding them. It was the main economic activity. It has become increasingly popular with tourists who can enjoy the lovely coves. Sunset from the hills are stunning while the white windmills are a feature of the area. Yachtsmen know Yalikavak well and it has all the facilities that they need as they sail in these waters.


Day 8 Bodrum

At the end of a charter holiday, and following a hearty breakfast, guests leave their charter yacht with wonderful memories of their time at sea. If they have yet to see what Bodrum has to offer, they should certainly do so before returning home. There is a well-developed tourist infrastructure with plenty of nice restaurants, bars and lively nightlife. Thank you for choosing Turkyacht for your gulet boat holidays.