High Deluxe Gulet Charter

Turkish Riviera is a paradise that should be explored preferablble with a luxury yacht charter. Our expert charter brokers will consult and advise you to select the most appropriate yatch charter in meeting your special needs and desires. The Gulets are hand crafted in Bodrum where the finest quality of craftmanship exist to carve mahogany and teak and Gulets are designed to provide you with the most memorable holidays in Turkey. Our luxury yachts provide you ample space for sunbathing or lay down under awnings to sip your drink. You can also use one of the dining tables located at the aft deck or prow deck to eat, drink or play games, etc. Life on board usually involves 4 hours cruising along the coastline coupled with a stay at anchor in one of the many bays of the Eastern Mediterranean. Here you can relax on deck, explore Turkey’s many historic sites and ancient cities or enjoy the delights of water sports. At the sunset the Gullet anchors for the night either in a small village, a lively town or in a secluded bay.

In each of our charter yachts the saloon is equipped with Wi-FI, TV, stereo sound system for radio, CDs with outdoor speakers. Since Turkey uses 220V and requires two round pin plugs, we will ensure that your electrical equipment such as phones, cameras, and shavers be fully operable on board by a generator. All bed linens are provided on the gullet. Depending on the temperature and individual preference there is a choice of blankets and duvets to keep you warm at night. Each guest has two towels, one for the shower and one for the face. All bed linen and towels are changed twice a week. The snorkeling equipment (a small selection of flippers, masks, and snorkels) comes in a range of sizes for children and adults. The food we serve will be freshly prepared on board by our chef in the gulets galley as per your desire. You can select your meals from a variety of cuisines such as Mediterranean cuisine with Turkish, Greek and Italian specialties. While enjoying the beautiful weather in a secluded bay you can savor your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Prior to embarkation we will send you our embarkation questionnaire where you can tell us about your food preferences and of any allergies / intolerances you may have in order for the chef to accommodate your tastes. Meals are delicious and authentic, Dining with a view in the shade of a canopy aboard our Gulets in secluded coves or in front of picturesque fishing villages make every meal a real feast for all senses. Meal times will depend upon cruising schedules and the wishes of all on board. Dinner on the aft deck is usually the highlight of the day; a long leisurely meal sitting under the stars listening to the water lapping at the hull of the Gullet. We will be ready to serve coffee or tea for early birds. Your breakfasts will include local and imported cheeses, sausages, fresh egg dishes, green and black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, butter, honey, a variety of jams. Varieties of breads and homemade pastries will be on the table. In addition, the typical Turkish breakfast will be complement with cereals, yogurt and fresh fruits. In addition to the Turkish tea, herbal teas and different types of freshly prepared coffee, and milk/cream, and various types of fruit juices will be served. Lunch and dinner will be prepared with different types of seafood (for example sea bream, sea bass, sword fish, prawns calamari) and/or meat (beef, lamb, and poultry). Börek, sfuffed grape leaves Light dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine, prepared with fresh local vegetables and olive oil are served for lunch: Fresh green beans, peppers stuffed with savoury rice, okras with tomatoes, pinto beans, aubergines stuffed with vegetables or minced meat, casseroles or Turkish pastry (börek) accompanied by refreshing yogurts with mint and garlic, savory pilavs, crispy salads and fresh fruits.

Accompanied by aromatic side dishes and crispy salads and followed by either fresh fruit or desserts like rice pudding, almond cream or the famous baklava (a pastry filled with nuts), or homemade freshly prepared genuine Italian Ice cream or fresh fruit sorbets. Even if you are not hungry in the afternoon, cakes, pies, pastries and cookies that are served at tea time are simply irresistible. In the evening the chef prepares fabulous dinners beginning with the famous Turkish meze (starters) like salads of aubergine, courgette or carrot with garlic yogurt, purslane or samphire drizzled with olive oil and lemon, zucchini fritters, pastry rolls, shrimp cocktail, octopus salad etc.

Our Gulets are equipped with large deepfreezers, refrigerators storing high quality meats and fish whilst fruit and vegetables are bought fresh locally during the cruise, ice machine, MW oven, washing machine and dishwasher machine, ice cream machine and barbeque equipment are standard.

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  1. Kaptan Kadir
    Kaptan Kadir
    37m (121.4ft)
    2004 / 2009
  2. Kaya Guneri 4
    Kaya Guneri 4
    35m (114.8ft)
  3. Alessandro
    36m (118.1ft)
  4. BB 2
    BB 2
    42m (137.8ft)
  5. Cobra Infinity
    Cobra Infinity
    46m (150.9ft)
  6. Dea del Mare
    Dea del Mare
    28m (91.9ft)
    2009 / 2012
  7. Bedia Sultan
    Bedia Sultan
    35m (114.8ft)
  8. Mermaid
    35m (114.8ft)
    2009 / 2015
  9. Serenity 86
    Serenity 86
    27m (88.6ft)
  10. White Soul
    White Soul
    38m (124.7ft)
  11. Wicked Felina
    Wicked Felina
    34m (111.5ft)
    2004 / 2015
  12. Cobra III
    Cobra III
    24m (78.7ft)
    1990 / 2014
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